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“HELP!”–why is that word so hard to say?

Have you ever been absolutely gripped by the fact that you are just WEAK at something?  I sure have.  Tonight was just that…

weak man

NIcole and I got all four of our world-changer kids in bed and (gasp!) I discovered that I still had a little bit of energy left and wanted to write…you know, share a little inspiration and goodness with the world!

And then a HUGE gray cloud of depression enveloped me.

You see, about a month ago I got inspired, bought some domains and launched a few websites, one of those being this blog.  I say “launched” because that was about all I did.  Since then I have spent HOURS trying to figure how to set up the perfect blog that will meet all of my needs until eternity…and as you could guess, I got trapped in the paralysis of analysis and never really got out of the starting blocks…until…

After speaking to myself in Whinese for a few minutes, I decided to do something CRAZY: I asked my wife for help! 

I can’t remember how exactly I got her on my team for this, but before I knew it little miss “” grabbed my laptop, installed a simple theme, resized a masculine header, and did a gazillion other things that would have taken me weeks to do, and then told me to get to writing…which I am!

Wow, I love this woman.

Married Men, let me give you a simple word of advice…value your bride.  God gave her to you and actually designed her to be strong where you are weak.  That’s why she’s called your “helper” in scripture, the very same word used to describe the Holy Spirit.  She is your #1 recruit, your plowing partner, your soul-mate, and best friend.  If you haven’t done so lately, tell her how awesome she is and how much you appreciate her.  And don’t forget to do what I did tonight after I wised up:  When you recognize that you’re stuck in an area of weakness…humble yourself and ask her for HELP.

Chances are…she’s probably better at it than you and it would do you both some good to practice some mutual submission and get something accomplished together.  You’ll be glad you did.