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You’ll Be Sunk Without This Guy In Your Boat…

If you’ve ever been whitewater rafting, then you know as well as I do that you NEED to have a weird-looking hippie in the back of your boat…the grungier the better.

WHY? Because he has already been where you are going…and he knows how not to DIE along the way.

In life, we are all moving along towards our purpose one way or another. Some of us are coasting along happily, some of us are freaking out in the rapids, and others of us have relegated ourselves to just surviving on the banks after a total wipeout.

But if we are Christians, there is One who is present with us all…urging us to get back out there on the river of our purpose, and lean into Him for wisdom so that we can properly navigate these unpredictable waters of our lives.  He is our GUIDE, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit.

Jesus spoke of Him, saying: “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will GUIDE you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that ARE TO COME” (John 16:13).

He has already been where we are going and he knows the way. Yet 3 questions remain:

  1. Is he in your boat (are you a Christian yet)?
  2. If so, have you decided to yield to him? He is a gentleman and will not force himself or his opinion upon us. We are ultimately ‘the boss’ of our boat, but he is there to help if we will honor Him and let him be the GUIDE that he can be.
  3. Do you know how to hear him? I had been a Christian for 6 years until I was convinced that I “heard” the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. It took a while to be able to discern which voice in my head was his!

THIS might really help you…here are 5 distinguishing characteristics of the thoughts in my heart that I have come to KNOW are His voice:

1) His thoughts have LOVE in their tone. God is Love (1 John 4:8). Love is patient and kind, always hopes, always trusts, and never fails. The Holy Spirit does NOT and will NOT use the tactics of the enemy to accomplish his purposes: guilt, shame, condemnation, fear, control, and manipulation are not in his arsenal.

2) His words are CONSISTENT. The Holy Spirit is the author of Scripture (“all scripture is God-breathed”) and He will many times speak to us using the Word that we have hidden in our hearts. So that means that we need to have disciplines of reading, listening to, and memorizing the Scriptures.

3) His thoughts are CONVICTING. He is the HOLY Spirit, after all. If we have any unconfessed sin, He will reveal it to us as we linger with him. As we remain in the light of his presence, he will show us our sin and give us the opportunity of being forgiven and cleansed (see 1 John 1:9).

4) His words are REVEALING. Take a look at prophecy in the Old or New Testaments and one thing will become clear about the Holy Spirit…He is not always clear! Jesus spoke in parables in order to hide the golden nuggets of the Kingdom for the seekers to find. The Holy Spirit speaks in mysteries and prophecies that are only pieces to a much larger puzzle, yet which bear the unmistakeable imprint of His voice. Sometimes one of the ways that I know it is the Lord that is speaking to me is because it seems out of left field. I will ask one question and then the next thought that will come to my mind will be something that seems, at first, to be quite random. But I have learned to trust these adventures. Usually, the Holy Spirit will take me down a path of trust until I find that I am forced to deal with the root issue behind the presenting problem that I originally asked about. He knows how to get to our hearts, and the direct approach is usually not the path he takes.

5. His ways are LIFE-GIVING. He is not the author of depression or disease.  He is the comforter, the redeemer, the healer.  I am convinced that the majority of the work of the Holy Spirit is for encouragement rather than rebuke.  He is willing to be tough on us because he loves us, but I would encourage you to stay in your prayer closet until you sense his kindness all over you again.  I promise you…He has some words of life to share with you!

At the end of the day…in the river of our lives, we are SO much better off having a GUIDE in the back of our boats. He knows the way; He has our best in mind when He gives us direction; and, most importantly, we can trust Him. I encourage you to get to know your GUIDE better than ever today. He is just a prayer away…

“HELP!”–why is that word so hard to say?

Have you ever been absolutely gripped by the fact that you are just WEAK at something?  I sure have.  Tonight was just that…

weak man

NIcole and I got all four of our world-changer kids in bed and (gasp!) I discovered that I still had a little bit of energy left and wanted to write…you know, share a little inspiration and goodness with the world!

And then a HUGE gray cloud of depression enveloped me.

You see, about a month ago I got inspired, bought some domains and launched a few websites, one of those being this blog.  I say “launched” because that was about all I did.  Since then I have spent HOURS trying to figure how to set up the perfect blog that will meet all of my needs until eternity…and as you could guess, I got trapped in the paralysis of analysis and never really got out of the starting blocks…until…

After speaking to myself in Whinese for a few minutes, I decided to do something CRAZY: I asked my wife for help! 

I can’t remember how exactly I got her on my team for this, but before I knew it little miss “” grabbed my laptop, installed a simple theme, resized a masculine header, and did a gazillion other things that would have taken me weeks to do, and then told me to get to writing…which I am!

Wow, I love this woman.

Married Men, let me give you a simple word of advice…value your bride.  God gave her to you and actually designed her to be strong where you are weak.  That’s why she’s called your “helper” in scripture, the very same word used to describe the Holy Spirit.  She is your #1 recruit, your plowing partner, your soul-mate, and best friend.  If you haven’t done so lately, tell her how awesome she is and how much you appreciate her.  And don’t forget to do what I did tonight after I wised up:  When you recognize that you’re stuck in an area of weakness…humble yourself and ask her for HELP.

Chances are…she’s probably better at it than you and it would do you both some good to practice some mutual submission and get something accomplished together.  You’ll be glad you did.